Another year draws towards its end...

The time just before the Christmas and New Year celebrations provides us all once again with the opportunity to look back on the happenings and the activities of the year behind us.

As the year comes to a close, SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH experiences a time of great activity which is so often the case at the end of the year. A number of machines must all be assembled, commissionned and despatched to various customers, all at the same time.
During the course of 2015 SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH was responsible for the supply of a large number of stranding machines and equipment to many cable and wire rope making companies. Whilst the main task in recent years related to the successful completion of very large projects, this year’s emphasis has been mainly on the fulfilment of standard and single machine contracts.

This year SKET has again been able to maintain its market position in its traditional markets and to win new customers too in China, India and the Middle East. Our company supplied the steel wire rope and cable industries of Germany, Europe, Asia and North America with high-speed tubular stranding machines, double twist bunching machines, cage-type stranding machines with variable back twist, Central Stranders and drum twisters.

We should like to take this opportunity to most sincerely thank our partners in business for their collaboration with us this year and their customer loyalty to our company. We wish each and every one of you personally as well as all of your colleagues a restful holiday and a healthy New Year.
Let us enter the year 2016 together with renewed energy and with total confidence.

SKET- Cage Type Stranding Machines fully and successfully in operation

The large, heavy duty cage-type stranding machines supplied by SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH in recent times for the manufacture of special steel wire ropes for highly specialised applications are now demonstrating their output efficiency on a daily production basis. Today we take pleasure in drawing your attention to the achievement of two high points in the production of steel wire ropes in Europe and Asia and, in linking them, documenting them photographically.

In 2012 the Korean company “KISWIRE“ set up their new “Neptune 2“ production unit where, amongst other machines, they installed two stranding machines from the SKET range. For more than three years now, a high-speed tubular stranding machine type SRW 1+48x800, producing steel wire strand, and a cage-type closing machine type MKVS 1+8x2700, used to close steel wire rope, have been in full production. To the best of our knowledge, this high-speed tubular stranding machine is the longest such machine operating anywhere in the world to date.

In January this year KISWIRE produced the largest rope in the company’s history and, as such, one of the biggest ropes ever produced in Asia. This special rope has a diameter of 172 mm and a length of more than 900 m. with KISWIRE Manager Jack Kim, Handok Manager Young M. Kim and SKET Sales Manager Michael Mösken

It is no secret that ropes in this size range are also produced in Europe and once again SKET is involved in the supply of the associated equipment. This is the case with BRIDON in England which purchased a similarly long high-speed tubular stranding machine from the SRW 680 range along with the, at this time, largest cage-type closing machine in the world, a machine type MKVS 1+16x2300+8x2700 from SKET. And now the same is true of Messrs Brunton Shaw in England.

Bruton Shaw ordered from SKET a cage-type wire rope closing machine type MKVS 1+16x2000+8x2300 and this year produced a rope with a weight of approximately 270 t. The following photograph shows the SKET take-up supplied with the machine with drum dimensions of 4,800 mm diameter, 8,500 mm width and weight 293 tonnes.

SKET supplies German wire rope manufacturers with double twist bunching technology

During recent weeks, SKET Verseilmaschinenbau Gmbh has supplied two leading German wire rope manufacturers with double twist bunching machines. One of these customers was supplied with a machine type MSDN 630, the most popular machine in this range and particularly suitable for the manufacture of steel strand for elevator ropes and automotive ropes, and the other with a machine type MSDN 1000 for the manufacture of heavy duty steel strands in various constructions. Since being delivered, both machines have been taken into full production and they are now producing steel wire strand in the diameter range 5.0 to 10.0 mm in continuous shift production. Benefiting from the large pay-off bobbins used, having a flange diameter of up to 800 mm and the use of pay-off coils, which both ensure long unbroken machine running times, these machines operate with a very high degree of operational efficiency.

Double twist bunching machines are of ever increasing importance for the production of strand in wire rope factories worldwide and have become indispensable for the economic manufacture of elevator ropes, rope for the automobile industry and ropes for use in the manufacture of conveyor belts.

SKET double twist bunching machines form an important part of the SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH manufacturing range and are used throughout the world.

Another large order is placed with SKET

Last month saw the successful conclusion of a large contract for stranding machinery for the production of steel wire rope by SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH. SKET will be supplying the key machines for the setting up of a brand new production unit. Among others, these machines include:
  • high-speed tubular closing machine Type SRW 1+18x630, fitted with a “bull nose“, for the closing of ropes having a diameter up to 48 mm
  • high-speed tubular closing machine Type SRN 1+6x1250 for the closing of ropes up to 70 mm in diameter
  • high-speed tubular stranding machine Type SRW 1+48x630 for the production of strand up to 29 mm in diameter
  • cage-type closing machine Type MKVS 1+8x1600 for the closing of ropes having a diameter up to 90 mm.
  • The design and project planning of the machines covered by this project is being carried out in close cooperation with the buyer in order to ensure that the special needs and technical requirements of the customer are taken fully into account. The delivery of the equipment is scheduled to take place in stages during the second half of 2016.

    With the receipt of this contract for machines of this type which, in terms of their size, make this far from an everyday event, SKET has again been able to further cement and confirm its market position as a reliable supplier, particularly in the realm of large projects.

SKET - Our fairs participation during Autumn, 2015

During the first half of 2015 SKET Verseilmaschinenbau Gmbh has already taken part successfully in a number of exhibitions in the wire and cable sector. We participated on our own stand, together with other companies in the group, at trade fairs in Atlanta/USA, Istanbul/Turkey and Moscow/Russia .

Now we look forward to taking part in further exhibitions in the Autumn. As a traditional exhibitor, SKET will again be present at "WIRE Southeast Asia 2015" from 16.09. - 18.09.2015 in Bangkok . Together with Henrich Maschinenfabrik GmbH, manufacturers of wire drawing machinery, SKET will be presenting its wide range of machinery and equipment for the manufacture of cable and wire rope. The South East Asia region has, for several decades now, been counted as one of Company's traditional areas of supply and many machines are performing with %quot;SKET" reliability in cable and wire rope works in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia as well as China, Taiwan and India. With such wideranging customers and with so many business contacts, it goes without saying that SKET will be present in Bangkok again this year in appropriate fashion.

SKET will be participating for the second time in the relatively "young" cable and wire exhibition in Sao Paulo in Brasil. "Wire South America 2015" will take place from 06.10 - 08.10 2015 and will no doubt attract many visitors from North and South America and beyond. Brasil and Argentina especially are particularly interesting markets for SKET. Here too, SKET stranding equipment is in operation in a number of companies. In Sao Paulo SKET will be present alongside Henrich and Wardwell/USA.

We cordially invite all of our customers and anyone interested in our company and its product range to visit us at these trade exhibitions in Bangkok and Sao Paulo and we look forward to your visit, Our technical personnel will be available to answer your questions and discuss any matters of interest with you.

Production continues at full stretch in spite of the holiday season peak

As we all know, the summer months of July and August are the “holiday months“ in Germany. And it is quite natural that the majority of SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH’s employees want to take their well deserved summer leave during this time. Precise production planning and the willingness to compromise by both the company and its staff are essential elements as the holidays approach. For our first priority and foremost in our thoughts is the delivery on time of our customer contracts, which is not always easy to achieve.

This year, during this period, SKET will be delivering, along with other equipment, a Central Strander type MKZS (1+6)+12+18+24x100 to an Egyptian cable manufacturer, a high-speed tubular stranding machine type SRW 36x560 to an important wire rope manufacturer in Switzerland and a stretching unit for a Korean rope manufacturer. With this stretching unit, which is designed around two double-capstan haul-offs with capstan diameters of 1800 mm, synthetic ropes having a diameter of up to 300 mm can be stretch relieved in a controlled and defined fashion during the production process. The maximum stretching pull which can be applied is 250 kN.

Works photograph of the stretching unit during final assembly at SKET

And in the month August these will be followed by further high-speed tubular stranding machines type SRW 315 and a double-twist bunching machine type MSDN 630. All hands will be mobilized to ensure that these machines too are despatched on time. It should be added that a number of our company personnel are also working with our customers over this period to install and commission machines already supplied in respect of a number of large projects with several of our customers.

Chinese cable manufacturer orders stranding machinery

A long time Chinese customer of SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH, one of the most important producers of cable in China, has recently placed an order for further stranding machinery from Magdeburg. The contracts placed cover the manufacture and supply of a Cage-Type Stranding Machine with back-twist Type MKRD 1+12+24x630 and a Cage-Type Stranding Machine without back-twist Type MKD 1+6+12+18+24+30+36x630. The cage-type stranding machine type MKRD is suitable for the manufacture of ocean- going cable or for the armouring of cable with 36 steel wires in single or tandem operation. The machine is scheduled for despatch in December 2015.

The second machine type MKD, which is designed to strand 127 copper or aluminium wires into round or sector shaped conductors without back-twist, will be despatched in the 1st Quarter of 2016. These new orders serve to further strengthen SKET’s market position as a supplier of machines for the manufacture of Offshore Data Cables and Power Cables in China.

Photo: An MKD 630 tandem cage-type stranding machine during assembly at SKET

Our trade fair participation, in Istanbul in March and in Atlanta in April

In recent years the development of our company’s relations with Turkish wire rope manufacturers has been extremely positive. We have reported in our internet page on several occasions concerning our supply of stranding machinery to Turkish customers. And this year too we shall be supplying more than eight high-speed stranding machines of various types to Turkey. So to participate in TEL-Fair 2015, the international wire exhibition in Istanbul, seemed very much the right thing to do. This exhibition gave us the opportunity to engage in intensive discussions with our customers and to cultivate business relationships. Our exhibition stand provided food for thought for many visitors and we were able to establish many new contacts. We should like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to visit our stand.

In contrast to the wire exhibition in Istanbul, SKET has been one of the traditional exhibitors at "Interwire" in Atlanta for some considerable time. Our first participation was several decades ago. Back in 1991 SKET introduced here the newly developed double twist bunching machine type MSDN 630 for the stranding of steel wires. As is well known, the company’s entry into the USA market was only possible following the political changes which took place in 1989/1990 and the reunification of Germany. This opened up the North American market to East German firms. Today stranding machines produced by SKET, including double twist bunchers, high-speed tubular stranding machines, drum twisters and central stranders are in operation in many cable and wire rope works in the USA and Canada.

And this year’s "Interwire" in Atlanta has served to further consolidate our market position in North America. Together with Messrs Wardwell and Spirka/SSB, SKET was present on a representative stand which attracted many visitors. The proof of this lies not only in the informative discussions and contacts made but first and foremost in the sales negotiations successfully concluded Here too our sincere thanks to all customers and visitors.

Switzerland is famous not only for its banking system and its delicious chocolate ...

Everybody is talking about Switzerland, not only because of its banking system and its Alpine milk chocolate. Machinery and equipment and numerous other industrial goods “Made in Switzerland“ enjoy a first class international reputation. Amongst these are cables and wire ropes manufactured in Switzerland; in particular wire ropes, in which we so often entrust our lives in lifts and elevators,mountain railways and ski lifts and which must cope with the most stringent of demands, are produced to the highest quality levels by a number of companies in Switzerland. And SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH in Magdeburg also plays a role in the meeting of these demands.

For decades now there has been a very close business relationship with the Swiss wire rope industry which has purchased a number of machines from SKET. And this year too SKET has supplied the wire rope works in Birr and Romanshorn with a variety of high-speed tubular stranding machines. One of these is a 36-bobbin machine type SRW 560. And the company located in Birr recently ordered an 18-bobbin tubular stranding machine for the manufacture of a special elevator rope.

For some years now the Swiss company’s daughter concern in the USA has also been producing elevator ropes on double twist bunching machines and high-speed stranding machines supplied by SKET in a variety of sizes.

SKET supplies one of the largest manufacturers of steel wire rope in Eastern Europe with the most up-to-date stranding technology for the production of elevator ropes

Last year, one of the largest producers of steel wire rope in Eastern Europe ordered stranding machine technology from SKET for the manufacture of elevator ropes. Now, in the middle of March 2015, SKET has already been able to successfully present the machine, a high-speed tubular stranding machine Type SRW 1+8x800, to the customer for acceptance in our Magdeurg works. Subsequently the equipment has been dimantled and despatched by road transport.

The machine, belonging to the SRW 800 range, is fitted with state of the art stranding technology to enable it to produce, amongst other products, elevator ropes of the highest quality. In addition to being fitted with the most up-to-date electronic control currently available on the market, it is supplied with a system which senses and sets the tension in the strand and a device which stretches the finished elevator ropes. With this stretching device it is possible to minimize the subsequent stretching of the rope when in operation under load and so to keep maintenance to a minimum. The machine is suitable for the manufacture of ropes in a 1+8 strand construction and having a maximum diameter of 33 mm. The supply includes a number of technology related assemblies including, amongst others, pre- and post-formers, calibration and lubricating equipment.

The machine operator belongs to the traditional customer base of SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH in Magdeburg and already operates a large number of SKET branded steel wire rope production systems.

FIRST CLASS STRAND manufactured on SKET Drum Twisters

Our Company’s product range embraces a wide range of machines and equipment for the manufacture of electric cable and steel wire rope. In addition to high-speed tubular stranding machines, cage-type stranding machines and central stranders, also included are drum twisters for the cable industry.

In German, drum twisters are referred to as universal stranding machines and this is a much better descrption of the applicational role for these machines – all purpose machines which can be used universally. Drum twisters are usually to be found wherever cable is produced

AT SKET we have been manufacturing and supplying drum twisters – a relatively recent machine addition – for over fifty years. The machines are tailor made to the product specific requirements of the user and right from the planning stage what is important to the customer is taken fully into account and appropriate solutions are proposed. As with other systems, this machine system too follows the trend towards the development of ever bigger diameters and cable lengths. Pay-off and take-up bobbin diameters today are typically in the range 1000 to 5000 mm. The throughput weights can be more than 50 tonnes. In this way the movement in the cable industry towards ever longer production lengths is taken fully into account and the suitability of the drum twister for the manufacture of offshore energy cables is ensured.

Today SKET drum twisters are in use in many cable works worldwide where they demonstrate their efficirncy and their reliability on a daily basis. What can be better proof of this than the placement of a repeat order by one of our North American customers for the supply of a drum twister towards the end of this year!

SKET receives another large order from Turkey

In recent years the company has been pleased to be able to regularly record a number of orders from Turkey. Turkish wire rope manufacturers in particular have purchased machinery and equipment from SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH in Magdeburg. In Turkish wire rope works there are now more than twenty SKET stranding machines including tubular high-speed stranding machines, cage-type stranding machines and double-twist bunching machines producing wire rope in a variety of constructions. The reputation which SKET machines enjoy in Turkey and which is enhanced on a daily basis has recently led to another order being placed with SKET.

Messrs Has Celik in Kayseri, a long time customer, has placed an order for yet more stranding machines in Magdeburg. In the third and fourth quarters of this year a total of eight high-speed tubular stranding machines of various sizes and machine configurations will be supplied by SKET to Kayseri. The contract has a value of in excess of three million Euros.

And stranding machines produced by SKET are now also working in Turkish cable works. A tandem tubular stranding machine type SRW 630 has recently been supplied.

Because of the importance of the Turkish market to SKET, SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH will be participating this year in the Istanbul Wire Fair – TEL Fair 2015 – from the 26.03.2015 to the 28.03.2015 where we shall be exhibiting on our own stand. We particularly look forward to welcoming not only our Turkish customers but also customers from other countries at this, for us new, exhibition.

SKET Central Strander - the "Renner" in cable production – another order from a long standing customer

There are two meanings which can be applied to the German word "Renner" in relation to the Central Strander. On the one hand, translated as "Market Leader" it describes the undiminished demand for this machine system which has revolutionised cable production. On the other, in its literal sense, because of its output capacity with speeds of over 180 m/min being achievable in production, the Central Strander is the real "Runner" in the field of cage-type stranding machines.

Let us remind ourselves that SKET first brought the Central Strander to the market in the 1970s, since when it has been continuously further developed and made available to cable producers over three generations of design. The SKET original has maintained its leading position in the market place unaffected by imitators and copies.

This is yet again reflected by the placement of another order by one of our Company’s long-standing customers.

The Egyptian company El Sewedy Cables placed an order with SKET for a further Central Strander a few weeks ago. The machine, a type MKZS (1+6)+12+18+24x100, is a further development of the Single version of the machine consisting of three stranding units with new controlled braking systems which ensure sensitivity when starting-up with full bobbins and product consistency by virtue of controlled wire tensions.
It was nine years ago that the El Sewedy group placed a first order for a Central Strander with SKET. Now, with the delivery of a new Central Strander this year, 20 type MKZ stranding systems will be in operation in El Sewedy works.

In total, SKET has supplied more than 170 Central Stranding units to customers in Europe, North and Central America, Australia, Arabian countries and Asia. On a daily basis the SKET Central Strander is demonstrating its output efficiency and reliability in more than 30 companies.

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