Double-Twist Bunching Machines MSDN/MSDC

This highly efficient and reliable stranding system is the optimum equipment for making:
  • elevator rope strand
  • strand for crane ropes
  • conveyor belt reinforcement strand
  • strand and spiral ropes for the automobile industry
  • compacted strands
  • strand for steel cord
  • small diameter wire ropes

Dependent upon requirement and application, SKET Double-Twist Bunchers are designed either as OUT-IN machines type MSDN with advantages including

  • great flexibility - the number and size of wire pay-off bobbins is independent of the machine size
  • used in conjunction with long length pay-off bobbins (600kg) or coils, the system ensures high machine running effiency
  • reduced investement costs when compared with tubular stranding machines

or as IN-OUT machines type MSDC with advantages including

  • compact machine design and high speed operation
  • strand quality can be observed and controlled from outside the working area
  • very low energy and space requirements

Machine Configurations

OUT-IN Double-Twist Bunching Machines Type MSDN

Bunching machines for the manufacture of single and multi-layer unilay strand (Seal-, Seale-Warrington-, Filler construction)
consisting of: wire pay-off stand, strand asembly section, buncher

Bunching machines for the manufacture of spiral wire rope strand and Bowden Cable strand in regular and cross lay.
consting of: core back-twister, wire pay-off stand, strand assembly section, buncher

Bunching machines for the manufacture of steel wire ropes
consisting of: rotating strand pay-offs, laying-up section, buncher

IN-OUT Double-Twist Bunching Machines Type MSDC

Bunching machines for the manufacture of single- and two-layer steel wire strands and Bowden cable strand
consisting of: wire/strand pay-off stand, buncher, haul-off, take-up


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